care plans


Cemeteries are generally large and expansive pieces of land, making it hard for the maintenance staff to properly and thoroughly tend to each and every individual gravesite. Their priority is to maintain the grounds, roads, and cemetery buildings as a whole first. It is not practical for a cemetery’s landscaping crew to provide the level of attention that many families desire for their loved one’s final resting place.

Serene & Green will tend your family member’s gravesite (or multi-grave family plot) throughout the year, giving the site the detailed attention and consistent care it deserves.

The Forget-Me-Not Service ensures that no matter when you or your family members visit, the gravesite will be tidy and well-groomed. On a monthly basis, and as is seasonally appropriate, we will complete the following tasks:

  • Remove windblown debris and litter, including raking leaves and picking up sticks.

  • Pull weeds from around the marker and within the grave area.

  • Deadhead flowers, trim plants, and mulch any planted areas.

  • Hand-trim grass around the marker and give the grave area a fresh mow.

  • Add grass seed to any bare patches in the turf.

  • Dethatch, aerate, and fertilize the turf.

  • Water the entire site.

  • Lightly clean the gravestone, removing any dried grass thrown by mowing equipment.

  • Remove any collected material (weeds, twigs, leaves, spent flowers, etc.) from the site.

  • Email a photo to all designated family members.

Annual Fee: $800 for a minimum of 12 maintenance visits, including all materials needed for upkeep; site will be visited more than once per month in the height of the growing season to keep it well-kept.

Fee includes service for an entire family plot (up to 8 gravesites). An additional fee will be applied to tend more than 8 gravesites.

Some clients prefer a single annual clean-up, or occasional assistance with watering and caretaking. We can fulfill those requests as well. Whatever your needs are, we can design a care plan just for you.


Fresh floral arrangements, ribbon-tied bouquets, or potted plants may be placed at a gravesite in remembrance of holidays (Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and Veterans Day, to name a few) or on other special occasions, such as a birthday or anniversary. Wreaths, grave blankets, and grave pillows may be placed during the Christmas season.

The Blooming Package includes four (4) floral placements per year, on the dates of your choosing. For example, a package could include a Christmas wreath; a pot of Easter bulbs; a floral delivery on Mother’s/Father’s Day; and a bouquet to honor your family member’s birthday. S&G will email a photo of each floral delivery to all designated family members.

Annual Fee: $200 per gravesite (20% discount on each additional grave within a family plot)


Blooming flowers and lush groundcover surrounding the headstone of a loved one provide ongoing color and beauty throughout the season.

Working within each cemetery’s guidelines and using the amount of space available to plant, Serene & Green can design a unique small-scale garden for your family member’s gravesite. Plans may include annuals, perennials, bulbs, groundcovers, and/or small shrubs. We select low-maintenance plants that will stay compact.

Garden design, installation, and maintenance plans are individually priced. We will make a complimentary visit to the site and develop a proposal for your consideration.

We always check with the cemetery administrator before undertaking any planning or planting. In some instances, due to cemetery regulations, Serene & Green may design the garden and purchase the plantings, while allowing cemetery staff to manage the installation.